Engrained Best practice


Making it Happen

It has become evident that organisations can no longer allow technological developments to span long time-lines. The market demands that solutions be provided within a fraction of the time-frame allowed only a few years ago. Shandon Business Solutionshas developed the ability to achieve this shorter delivery time through fully exploiting the leverage of ourtoolsets.

Our current methodologies allow us to move technology into the next dimension by striking the fine balance between full custom development and the predictability of off-the-shelf products. We are able to embrace the need for software products with an element of unique tailoring, whilst still maintaining cost effectiveness.

Application Lifecycle Management

As experienced consultants, we provide assessments and advice regarding your approach to Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

We adhere to best practice software development processes and tooling, utilising Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio

Our software developer team is customer-centric – we understand where you are in terms of ALM maturity and assist you in progressing from basic to advanced maturity

System Analysis

We have vast experience in assisting clients in the “modernisation” of legacy software and re-developing software for current platforms.

Our architectural experience and expertise in web and client based application development will ensure a successful outcome.




User Experience

We provide discovery, strategy and design services to create the best possible user experience.

Our approach is user-centric and we design solutions that are interactive, intuitive and accurate.

The User Experience is incorporated into all software development. This means we do not take a traditional bottom-up approach.



Software Development

We offer our extensive architecture and development expertise

We work on large scale, complex systems as well as provide smaller impactful solutions

We provide native application and mobile development services

We’re experienced in building core business applications.



Application Integration

We integrate custom developed software with core business applications (ERP, CRM etc.).

This improves your Return on Investment on your custom developed solutions, as they are integrated into the wider application ecosystem of your organisation.




Mobile Application Development

We focus on enterprise mobile application development

We develop line-of-business mobile applications that are key to enabling your company’s business processes

Our applications integrate seamlessly with your line-of-business applications

Our apps are robust and scalable

We’re platform agnostic, developing iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5 apps.

Cloud Application Development

We provide consulting and advisory services

We design, develop and deploy Cloud applications

We design all new software to be Cloud enabled/ready, whether you choose to deploy on-premises or follow a hybrid model.



Transfer of Knowledge & Co-sourcing engagement model

We are committed to creating mutually beneficial lifelong partnerships with our clients. We understand that our areas of expertise in software development are complemented by our client’s deep sector specific knowledge. Our engagement model enables our customer centric approach and ensures that the knowledge is shared between all key stakeholders.



Knowledge has power

Industry knowledge within our team broadly extends from Taxes, Property Management, Banking, Insurance, Pension Fund Management, Association Management, eCommerce, Freight, Recruitment& Human Resources Solutions and Customer & Sales Intelligence, to name but a few.

We have an ideal mix of individuals with experience in the complete software development life cycle, who boasts competencies in business intelligence and analysis, system design, database development, application development, project management and the key ingredient creativity. Thereby, allowing us to deliver a reliable total solution of exceptional quality.

Our experience makes Shandon Business Solutions a formidable partner.

Willing is not enough, you must do

Our team has a very strong Microsoft Development Tools competency and has extended knowledge of other industry tools and practices that encompass the following:

Development Frameworks

  • .Net, C#, Visual Basic
  • .Net Core, MVC
  • Python on Flask, MVC
  • Angular
  • React JS, Redux
  • HTML5
  • ASP.net
  • JQuery
  • Java Script


  • SQL Server
  • Mango DB
  • Object Relationship Model (Entity Framework, Dapper)


  • JSon
  • XML
  • MQ Series
  • Web Services
  • WCF
  • Restful API Services


  • Xamarin (iOS & Android)
  • React native
  • Flutter native
  • Progressive web application


This skill-set, among others, enables us to provide our customers with the following business services;

  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Architecture and Design
  • Database Design
  • Database Performance Tuning
  • Web Security Advice
  • Web and Cloud Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Systems Integration Services
  • Advanced Data Transformation Services
  • Data Analysis Services
  • Reporting Services

Shandon’s focus is to assist customers in implementing business solutions that are tailor-made for their requirements through custom developed software or the integration of various systems to provide a single point of access.