Machine Learning

Shandon can help your company move to a modern data environment with immediate access to machine learning or simply help you to kick start your analytics initiatives so that you can spend more time focusing on your business and the road ahead.

We offer a variety of solutions utilising the Microsoft Azure platform combined with over 28 years of experience in data management and data analytics.

In these fast moving times, it can be difficult to imagine how your current data environment will cope with the demand for large sets of unstructured, external data, as well as powering up for increased numbers of users. Your directors are also talking about how they can take advantage of machine learning and data science techniques to compete better in the market, and you know your servers will never handle that increased load.

Shandon can help guide your movement to a cloud-based analytics environment on Microsoft Azure, dealing with the complexities of hybrid data sets, and giving you peace of mind regarding security, compute capacity and disaster recovery. Our specialised team of data scientists can then help your business gain advantage from this environment, providing additional justification for the move.

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